The Confirmation Class is an opportunity for our 8th graders (and higher) to explore our faith in depth from October through late spring.  We generally meet twice each month for 1 ½ hours in the evening.  There will be a very rewarding and fun retreat in January, and occasional outings or discussions with a mentor selected by our confirmands.  Regular Sunday worship attendance is also expected.  Those confirmands who complete the class and choose to join the church will be received into membership in the spring during morning worship service, usually on Pentecost Sunday.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Who are the confirmation advisors?  Pastors Maureen & Kate, and Vicky Leknes are the adult advisors for our confirmation program.

2.  What is a mentor?  Every confirmand will choose an adult mentor.  Your mentor will help guide you through your confirmation journey.  This person must be an active member of the church (21 years or older), hopefully someone you already know and are comfortable with, but not a relative.  We have several members ready to help out if you need help deciding.

3.  What do you do in confirmation class?  As young adults you will learn more in depth about both the Christian faith and our own United Church of Christ.  You will also learn more about the history of our own local church here in Amherst.  You will have wonderful discussions with your peers on what you do and don’t believe and why.  This is a learning journey and it will be different for every member of the confirmation class.

4.  What kind of activities do you do?  We usually meet twice a month and we have a variety of learning activities to try to meet everyone’s needs.  We do quite a bit of interactive small group activities, and some of our meetings include parents and mentors.

5.  What is the retreat?  If you ask any previous confirmand they will tell you this is one of the highlights of our year!  We have a lot of fun while we are learning!

6.  Do I have to be confirmed?  The confirmation program is a faith journey – if you choose to join the confirmation class we ask that you attend and participate in all the activities.  The final choice to join the church is yours – your confirmation leaders, your mentor and your parents will help you during your journey but the ultimate decision is up to you.

7.  What does it mean to be ‘confirmed’? If you choose to be confirmed, it means you, as your own person, have chosen to confirm your Christian faith and become a member of our congregation.

8.  How will I know about the confirmation class schedule:  Please email Pastor Kate for more information about our confirmation class and schedule.

For questions or more information please contact Pastor Kate (673-3231 x14)

2013 January Confirmation Retreat

2013 January Confirmation Retreat