Christian Formation Ministry 

Ministry Coordinator: Vicky Leknes
Church School Coordinator: Marilyn Gibson
Provides a Christian education and faith formation for our youth and adults. Helps keep all involved in thinking, learning and finding their way in our common Christian faith.

  • Adult Education
  • Christian Eduction (includes Confirmation and Church School)
Outreach & Communications Ministry

Ministry Coordinator: Susan Holden
Undertakes the church missions and programs associated with giving back to our community, be it local, regional, and world wide. Provides information to the congregation and community using a variety of communication methods. Represents our church at pastoral installations and NH UCC and Hillsborough Association UCC meetings.

  • Communications
  • Delegates
  • World Service
Resource Ministry

Ministry Coordinator: Doug Topliffe
Responsible for the church’s personnel, finances, its building and grounds. Ensures that all gifts are used to best advantage to serve the church’s mission and to assure the availability of this home of worship for current members and future generations.

  • Building and Grounds (includes Memorial Garden)
  • Budget & Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Investment Funds & Memorial Gifts
  • Personnel
  • Pledge / Stewardship
  • Team Member Recruiting
Worship & Spiritual Life Ministry

Ministry Coordinator: Roger Hooper
Actively contributes to and enhances the worship experience, as well as the fellowship and spiritual life of the church. Strives for a caring, welcoming, and friendly and environment for all.

  • Congregational Care
  • Diaconate
  • Fellowship
  • Men’s Group
  • Music
  • Senior High Youth Group
  • Woman’s Association