Grounded in God’s Love
Serving Neighbors Near and Far
Welcoming to All

ONA2Welcome Statement: “We, the members of the Congregational Church of Amherst, New Hampshire, United Church of Christ, believe God’s Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ call us to love all our neighbors as we would want to be loved. We are called to be as one body, seeking to walk together in the full life and ministry of our church.

We welcome each individual as a child of God. As covenant members of Christ’s church, we celebrate God’s love for people of all races and ethnic backgrounds, all mental and physical abilities, all socioeconomic backgrounds, all sexual orientations, all gender identities and gender expressions, and all of the other diverse attributes woven into the fabric of humankind.

With God’s grace, we invite all to share in the life and leadership, ministry and fellowship, worship and sacraments, responsibilities and blessings of our church.”

Our Purpose


Join us for worship, and know that you will be warmly received as a fellow pilgrim on the journey.  Our Sunday Service begins at 10:00am (9:00am during July and August). We also have a special Creative Worship on the 3rd Sunday of the month.  For more information please visit our Worship page.

Newcomer Information

CCA invites you to join with us: come explore and learn about our faith, our church, and our missions.   

Open and Affirming

CCA’s Open and Affirming study process began in 2005. In November of 2010 our congregation agreed on a “Welcome Statement” which forms the text of the web site home page above.  Please visit our ONA Page for more information.