Continuing SUCCESS

In an effort to help raise funds for our church, a program we call SUCCESS (Support the UCC with Everyday Shopping Selections) began in 2013. It is a simple concept: we purchase gift cards at face value that are issued by a company who gives us a discount. The church keeps the difference. These cards are sometimes called “scrip”.

The list of available retailers, restaurants, hotels, gas stations and other participants is extensive. Many places you shop every week have cards available through this program. The percentage kept as profit varies from business to business and averages around 6%, but is as high as 16% for some companies. More information can be found at

As the program has evolved, many participants have chosen to register at and do their SUCCESS shopping online. It is fast and easy! The site allows users to order cards, reload money onto some cards, or to purchase “ScripNow”, which works just like a card but can be printed from your computer so is available immediately.

Payment can be made through a check made out to the Congregational Church of Amherst, with SUCCESS in the memo line, or as many others have done, a PrestoPay account can be set up on the same website.  This is a secure method of payment that draws money from a checking account you designate. With a PrestoPay account in place, users can purchase ScripNow or reload cards and have them immediately. Please contact Joan Poltack for the enrollment code so our church is credited with your purchases. If paying by check, orders are released after the check is received by the church.

The SUCCESS Committee will be in the Community Room after church to take orders for cards, usually on the third Sunday of the month and before major holidays. Card orders are filled on the following Sunday.  There are also usually some pre-purchased cards available for immediate purchase and use. Watch the Spire and the Sunday bulletins for these dates.

Gift cards do make excellent gifts (think Mother’s Day, graduations, Father’s Day, teacher gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas!), but consider using these as simply a different way to shop. It just requires a little forethought; one need not spend any more money than you usually do. Keep a card or two handy for the stores or restaurants you frequently visit and get in the habit of purchasing with them, it’s easy!

This is an ongoing effort to benefit our church that has earned $12,000+, thanks to the participation of our members. Be a part of our SUCCESS, and help the church while you shop.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions you have. Our contact information is below.

Thank you for your support!