Many ways to fulfill your pledge…

Did you know there are at least 9 ways to fulfill your pledge? The church web site allows you to set up an on-line payment of your pledge.  You can make a one-time payment or set it up to be paid on a regular basis, like weekly or monthly. In fact, the church prefers your pledge to be paid over the entire year.  This helps smooth out our cash flow to meet the needs of the church throughout the year. The on-line option allows you to set up a direct debit to your checking or savings account.  You can also set it up to go against one of your debit or credit cards (get those bonus points).  If you don’t want to set it up online, you can download an “Electronic Funds Transfer” form, fill it out and send it to the church office.

An added bonus, if you decide to use the church online method, the system lets you log on and see your contribution history. Even if you decide not to use the online methods, you can set up an automatic recurring payment from your on-line banking system means that your payments will get to the church in a regular flow even if you are unable to attend church.

This doesn’t mean we will eliminate the Sunday morning offering collection plates. You can always use this as your means of fulfilling your pledge.

The Stewardship Committee thanks you for your generosity and blessings.