The Woman’s Association has been a central part of the life of The Congregational Church of Amherst for many years. Our purpose is “to cultivate the spirit of Christ beginning with our own lives and reaching out into the home, community and throughout the world.” We devote our time and energy to support the mission of the church.

We meet Monday mornings at 9:30 to work on craft projects and, most importantly, to share fellowship together, which is key to our success. We welcome new members from the church and community, but membership is not necessary to be part of our workshops and special projects.

Our annual Holiday Fair and the Spring rummage sale enable us to carry out our mission objectives to our church, our community, and beyond. These include a yearly church pledge ($6,500 in 2009 and 2010), and special donations to support church needs and mission outreach activities.  We respond to special community needs and requests for contributions from charities. In 2011 our contributions totaled $1,500 to the community and $6,100 to the church.


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