Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee creates and manages events, within and outside the church, for church members and friends to socialize and to get to know each other. Committee members plan, promote, and manage events: a progressive dinner, trips to sporting events, an Advent wreath making workshop, the annual church picnic, hikes and walks, ice cream Sunday and a ski day at Mt. Sunapee–just to name a few. The Committee is also responsible for fellowship hour after each Sunday service, when the congregation gathers for coffee, juice, snacks and fellowship.

Fellowship meets several times a year and as needed to choose and plan events. Volunteers are always needed to help with activities, such as setting up, cleaning up, and helping with necessary supplies (like making a salad or dessert) for the church picnic. And more: volunteering with this group provides another great opportunity to make new friends by working together.

For more information, please contact the Fellowship Chairman.

Octogenarian Ladies

If you are eighty years old or more, you are among the lucky ones who have been gifted with not only a long life, but wit and wisdom, as well. The Octogenarian Ladies meet each month to share these gifts an much more.

We meet on the last Thursday of the month for tea and treats, discussion of an age related topic,  supportive fellowship and lots of laughter. If you are a “gifted lady” please join us in the church parlor.  You will be warmly welcomed! Rides are provided for those needing transportation. For questions or to let us know if the date doesn’t work for you please call Chris at 673-4781.

Wednesday Morning Study Group

This group meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. in the parlor.

For 2015-2016 we will be studying the This A&E documentary series “Mysteries of the Bible” which reveals the hidden stories behind the people, places, and events of the Bible using biblical scholarship, newfound archeological discoveries, and modern scientific techniques. We’ll be watching the series in our year-long Wednesday Morning Study Group which meets twice a month, and we’ll also have monthly evening sessions in the fall and spring. Each session meets in the parlor and includes the viewing of a 40-minute DVD and a discussion facilitated by Pastor Maureen will follow. This is a year-long series but you’re welcome to join us at anytime!

Contact Pastor Maureen with any questions at 673-3231 or email Pastor Maureen.

 Prayer Shawl Knitters

This ministry meets once a month, on the fourth Tuesday, at 1:00 p.m. in the parlor, to share projects and good fellowship. From its beginnings in 2003, the group has created, bundled with prayers and love and delivered more than 100 shawls to church members, friends and family. This is very much a local group, but they share in a national effort.

Woman’s Association

The Woman’s Association has been a central part of The Congregational Church of Amherst for many years. Our purpose is “to cultivate the spirit of Christ beginning with our own lives and reaching out into the home, community and throughout the world.”
We meet Monday mornings to share our fellowship, and to plan our major efforts. The Holiday Fair and Rummage Sales allow us to pledge serious support to CCA outreach.