IMG_4686The Adult Education Committee offers regular and one-of-a-kind programs to church members and friends. Participants come for a variety of reasons: fellowship, learning, community, laughter, insight, and the desire to grow and be transformed. All are welcome.


Small Group Ministry

TOPICS for 2017-2018:
October: Rally Day: Starting Anew
November: Advent: Waiting in the Dark
December: Christmas: God With Us
January: Epiphany: Revelations
February: Ash Wednesday: Mortality
March: Lent: Letting Go
April: Easter: Healing & Hope
May: Pentecost: Future Dreams
June: Ordinary Time: Go and Do

DID YOU KNOW Small Group participants are FIVE TIMES more likely to stay involved in church than those who attend only worship services?

What is it?  Small Group Ministry is a program in which people meet in committed covenant groups of 8-10 members with the intention of establishing new and deeper connections with each other and with God. The groups meet once a month from October to June, and are led by lay members of the congregation. A typical group meeting involves a check-in, a devotional, discussion of a topic, and closing prayer. The groups will meet at a variety of times/days to allow members to pick a group that best fits their schedule.

Why should you join a group?  Serving on a team or chatting during coffee hour doesn’t always allow us to get to know one another on a deeper level. Small Groups are designed to bring people closer together. When we feel a greater connection to one another we’re less likely to feel disconnected from our faith, more likely to give our time and energy in service, and more likely to tell others about this great church community that we have in our lives!

Who are the leaders? All of our groups are led by trained facilitators and follow a common curriculum provided by Pastor Maureen. A typical group meeting runs an hour and a half and includes: Opening Check-In – Short Topic Reading – Discussion of the Topic – Closing Prayer

How can I sign up? Each group is limited 10 10 members so be sure to sign up soon and include your 1st and 2nd choice.  If you are a returning member you have the option to sign up for the same group as last year or join a new group.  Sign up sheets available in the bulletins every Sunday.  You can also email Pastor Maureen or call the church office (673-3231)  You may join a group at any time of the year as long as your choice is still open. More groups may be added as needed. 

When do groups meet? 

Tuesday: 1:30-3:00pm
Wednesday: 7:00-8:30pm
Sunday: 11:30am-1:00pm
Sunday: 7:00-8:30pm (meets in Bedford)

The Second Hour
An ad hoc program offered during the hour following the Sunday church service. Topics vary and may be run in a series or as a single discussion. Church committees may also choose to present programs related to their work or interests during this hour.

Advent Offering
A December series of topics appropriate to the season across one or more evenings. Led by one of the pastors.

Lenten Study Series
During Lent season we will have a variety of study programs available for in-depth spiritual and Christian education.

Back Porch Series
Two or three informal evening gatherings in the summer, with discussions led by one of the pastors, at members’ homes. The focus is on spiritual and theological questions or issues of the day from a faith perspective.

The Church Library
A diverse and growing collection of religious and spiritual literature, in the vestry.  A variety of books in the following categories is available:
Bible commentary
Bible history
Grief, Loss and Caregiving
Men’s books
Open and Affirming
Other faiths
Women’s books