Our Time, Our Turn

Our 2018 Capital Campaign is in full swing! We have just celebrated the Kick-Off for Our Time, Our Turn and we are so excited about the progress we have already made. The celebration on Sunday, September 30 was the “official” start of Phase 2 of our fundraising efforts, and we are thrilled to announce that we have already raised a significant portion of our goal. The games, trucks, prizes, and ice cream energized young and old alike to continue the enthusiasm to make Our Time, Our Turn a reality.

We need both enthusiasm AND support to succeed. During Phase 2, one of your fellow church members will be calling to ask about a brief visit with you in person to discuss the church, the campaign, and the importance of every pledge. We are asking you to please set up an appointment with your campaign “visitor” when he or she calls. Please note that there will be NO pressure tactics, and that your pledge will be confidential. Prior to your visit, you will receive a package with a brochure and many details about the campaign.

The first project in the campaign, the Fire Suppression System, is nearing completion (please view the poster, to the right). The replacement work has been ongoing all summer, with pipes replaced above the sanctuary and narthex in mid-September. The school wing was ready for the new PIV/Church school season. The project is currently on schedule and budget. We look forward to undertaking the remaining projects for both the church building and the parsonage as funds are received.